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The mormon trannys

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I play guitar and sing a little. The Prophet Josephina Smith: Where did the band name come from?

Did it come to you in a dream? It came hard and long during an episode of divine penetration. I wish I could cum in a dream. Late last year you released the CD "Divine Penetration" which is badass by the way, do you have plans for another release?

the mormon trannys

We've been recording and have set up an IndieGoGo funding trannyss at https: We released "Under the Boner of Heaven" last year. We are currently working on recording our fourth cumming LP, "Hymn or Her".

Lately people the mormon trannys been getting upset for your use of the word "Tranny" the mormon trannys uttered death threats your way. Why do you think this is happening all of a sudden?

Because somebody really wanted mormln and decided to start a little Facebook war, expecting lots of adulation for what an awesome cisgender, white 'ally' he is. People that hide behind screens and refuse to interact with us in person, over the phone or see us live make the mormon trannys so called threats.

People perceive us as something we're not. They don't look at the message we're preaching or listen to the lyrics we're singing. She was the first trans punk singer in the 's.

She also did a bunch of acting in off Broadway plays. She also goes into detail around her feelings on PC jargon, queer rights and other issues.

The NYU Gay Student Union in fact banned her in the 's because drag performers were seen as offensive, even though she was a queer trans female. My point being with this is that no one person gets to tell an entire group the mormon trannys words are offensive and what words the mormon trannys.

I personally feel that if one single trans the mormon trannys doesn't have a problem with the word Tranny, or our band name for that matter, then that negates the entire argument that it's offensive to the entire community. That doesn't mean that it doesn't mormonn negative connotations or that others can find it offensive.

View Larger Map. The Showbox Downtown Through Sept 19 at 8: This event is in the past.

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Daikaiju, The Mormon Trannys. Add to iCal Add to Google Calendar.

Daily 4pm View Larger Map. Portland Spirit Rhe Thurs The mormon trannys 19 at 3: Valentines Downtown Thurs Sept 19 at 8 pm. Doug Fir Southeast Thurs Sept 19 at 9 pm.

Holocene Southeast Thurs Sept 19 at 7 pm. Roseland Northwest Fri Sept 20 at 9 pm.

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