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Erotic short stories free online

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And if we don't click for some reason I'm totes down to be friends and kick it. I also have a huge cock if you want to get fucked. But old boys, please find someone your age.

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Blue-Eyed Devil: I wanted to let him love me and let… Read.

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Her husband of ten years was an… Read. I was breathing heavy and it was hard… Read.

His fingers slipped up under my… Read. Little… Read.

Encounter With A Stranger

In a post-nuclear future, cyborgs need to find a female who can carry their child. Princess has a harem of concubines, but she meets a man she desires above all.

Four BDSM stories that explore sexy power exchanges and the possibility of lives together outside the playroom.

Two Doms introduce a young girl a erotic short stories free online of one of them to the life. Post-punk erotic stories that feature corsets, kink, and pirates.

The bathroom door was closed when I approached it, Beast by name, Beast by nature. This bad boy biker doesn't disappoint.

A highway demon on a Harley, who likes it fast and hard in more ways than one. Kian Jones aka "Beast" is a badass biker from A collection of girl kiss sex short stories about a dysfunctional family, including love between siblings, cousins, woman and her son's friend, man, and his friend's daughter, and love between woman and rent-b A group of best friends, stkries trouble choosing Christmas gifts give the go to a whole new meaning for erotic short stories free online concept of Secret Storiew.

Madison and Luke are high-school sweethearts, but are eventually driven apart. Two years after their divorce, they end up together again and Luke finds that his angel is more wicked than he ever kn Kidnapped sories a cult mansion full of Dominants, how will Lucy survive if she is also falling in love with her Master, Zac?

Olivia and Mason are long-time friends erotic short stories free online live together in the Rocky Mountains. They come across a man one day who desperately needs their help- and they need him more than they know.

MMF Even t The Claiming is an annual rite for unmated wolves that have yet to find their other half. When the Alpha and his only child attend, a series of unexpected events occur that threaten their family.

Being the submissive test subject of a sadistic sex toy maker isn't all its cracked up to be. With each new day comes an exciting twist, and multiple orgasms.

I owe my career in erotica to one controversial woman who made headlines in Monica Lewinsky. While muddling.

With so much attention given to porn in its video form, sometimes literotica gets short shrift. But, reading sex can be j. We love chatting with Stoya — writer, thinker, on-screen-sex haver — about all manner of sexual, sensual, and feminist topics.